Re-Opening Victoria through billion-dollar state-shaping projects 

The Victorian Government is driving the state’s economic return into a covid-resilient world by pioneering an $80 billion world-class pipeline of state-shaping projects. With every dollar spent and every ounce of concrete, there is equally a dollar invested in local communities, local jobs, local businesses and local industries. 
As Victoria builds big for the future to cater to the needs of tomorrow, how do we futureproof transport infrastructure to remain unscathed to unforeseeable disruptions for decades to come? 
Join us at the 3rd Annual Victoria Transport Infrastructure Summit as we tackle some of the key challenges facing the industry including:  
  • How to prioritise value for money projects that provide the best outcomes and contribute towards a more connected, liveable and prosperous state 
  • How to create a more integrated system across all transport modes and agencies in order to deliver a modern, reliable, safe and coordinated public transport network 
  • How to shift gears and construct a sustainable and safe active transport network which supports the transformation we have seen in recent commuter behaviour 
This is a unique opportunity to identify innovative best practice solutions and engage in robust discussion with government, industry and community leaders. 

Key Reasons to Attend:

  • Catch the latest developments on current and future transport infrastructure projects in metropolitan and regional Victoria  
  • Discover the key challenges and opportunities in financing and funding major transport infrastructure projects 
  • Grasp the possibilities of creating a truly integrated transport network to remodel a fragmented and segregated industry 
  • Uncover the need to prioritise active transport infrastructure and ensure sustainable mobility that matches the demand beyond the pandemic
  • Discuss the immediate and ongoing action required to provide high quality infrastructure to match growth and demand in regional areas  
  • Discover how transport and government leaders are optimising technologies to improve transport efficiency 
  • Find out more on best practice for improved safety on our roads and risk management  
  • Gain insight on the steps towards maximising public transport connectivity and capacity for a more connected Victoria 
  • Ensure transport systems adapt to the changing needs of the Victorian population and economy 

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved in or has an interest in transport infrastructure, urban planning and development, economic development, and investment in Victoria:   


  • Federal and State Government 
  • Local Councils 
  • Banks, Superfunds and Investors  
  • Transport and Roads Operators 
  • Engineering, Procurement and Contracting Companies 
  • Project Management Consultancies 



The Victoria Transport Infrastructure Summit will be held in Melbourne CBD.
Delegates will be updated 4 weeks before the event.